Monday, March 4, 2013

Death of a Cousin

  Edward Lee Lindquist, age 45, died on Friday March 1st, 2013 when he pulled out turning wide into the path of a tractor trailer.  He was riding his new 1999 Harley Davidson at the time, & was wearing a helmet.  He had left to run a quick errand and had several children home waiting for him to return.  This accident occurred when Ed was pulling out of the long driveway/road.  Fortunately none of the children witnessed the accident. Eddie, a loving father, Grandfather, U. S. military veteran, God loving man leaves a beautiful wife and children, a mother, sister and several other family members behind as he goes to join the Lord in Heaven.  Eddie is my Uncle David's oldest child (of two).  Uncle David is my father's youngest brother.  I believe Eddie's birthday is May 1967.

Ed and I never had a chance to really get to know each other while growing up, but recently, over the  past few years on Facebook I had enjoyed getting to know him and his family.  Politically, Eddie and I definitely did not see eye to eye, but love is unconditional.  We both made it through the presidential elections of 2012 okay.  He is a kind soul wrapped in a rough-looking exterior.  Now, with God, he is simply a kind Soul who has shed his physical body, and is free!  No pain!  Rest in Peace my dear cousin.

Ed with most of his children (minus some older ones)
Ed and his large clan (I believe there is one extra here)
Ed with his mother, and sister Lizz.
Ed doing Halloween duty.

Ed recently, after he got his bike.  I mean he just got this damn bike
 like within the past month, that is how new.

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