Monday, December 2, 2013

Family Work at Thanksgiving

I spend Thanksgiving with my Father who lives "Downeast".  I have discovered that he has been holding back on me!  He has an absolute treasure trove of family photos stored away in shoe-boxes.  Even though not everyone is labeled for quick identification, many are, and there were some I am seeing for the first time ever!  How exciting!  And even better, my Dad let me take a bunch home for scanning!  I have half scanned and labeled, and the other half is scanned, but not labeled yet.  Among the treasures my Father brought out at Thanksgiving were a number of architectural sketches and paintings from Scotland.  Not all are signed, but the two artists are most likely William Glashan and John Norrie.  I will be posting photos of them to this blog in a special section so maybe someone can help identify who did the unsigned ones.