Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Family in Thanksgiving

I know I have relatives that go way back to the earliest days of  what is now the United States.  They traveled far and had very little.  For those who survived the earliest days (and the trip overseas) they would come to be fruitful and multiply, which is how I got here.  Native Americans, knowing the land and how to live from it would share with the settlers how to grow crops, and it was a thanksgiving indeed.  This taught the early settlers how to feed themselves.  Not all who came here fought against the Native Americans.  Some married and "multiplied".  Some fought with (on the side of) the Native Americans when the British came to New England, seeking to claim British ownership. But they would not have this land, and the settlers were not cooperating with the King.  They had their own new government forming.  This land did not belong to the King of England.

Anyway, here we all are, one big happy spread out family!  May you all have a place to spend Thanksgiving with someone.  May we remember who we are and where we came from!

Mayflower Replica
Winter arrival at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Me and my husband, Christian P. Gerquest with
my border collie, Rowena
Here I am with my sisters, Kristen on the left, and Erin on the right
My mother, Vicki Ann Berry and my father, Eric R. Lindquist
at their wedding circa 1966.  They are now divorced (1973)
My mother, Vicki with her present day husband,
David L. Henderson (married in 1975)
I am just starting to compile things for this site.  The nice neat little pedigree on the home page has been updated, but I am looking for the program to type it up and post it.  In the meantime, I have some handwritten ones that will be posted to the appropriate page.  The Berry Waltz Page has been updated with some photos and pedigrees.  I've done lots of researching and have lots of new information and am excited to finally share it here.  Hopefully I can help others in their hunt for family ancestors!  My biggest resource besides word of mouth is The Church of Latter Day Saints Family Research Center.  I don't have the money for membership to these different sites, but at the church I have access to many resources from birth records, marriage certs, death certs, Census results and more.  Some places I have linked with some other people's family work and gotten back to the 1500's, with some surprises along the way!  Please stick with me as I add more information to my blog site.  The photographs on this page show the present living generations of my family, minus some of my nieces.  My husband and I plan on going to some cemeteries after Thanksgiving.  This means we will travel on Thanksgiving to Harrington, Maine from Bangor, and then on Friday we will travel down to the Waldoboro area.  We will probably make a stop at a cemetery in Camden and in Rockport on our way.  In the meantime, I will continue to fill in the blanks and look for errors on the info I have thus far.