LINDQUIST/ ANSON Connection-- Photographs & Information

Newly Uncovered Family Photographs of Possible Lindquist/Anson family members:

My Paternal Grandparents: Ruth (Philip) and Wally Lindquist, with my father, Eric (the short one) and 2 uncles, David  Wallace on the left, Peter on the right.

Christine Lindquist, my father's cousin.
This is Christmas 1946.  Christine is 16 Months old here.
My grandfather's sister (the only sister), Clara.  She was Aunt Linnie for as long as I knew her though.  She spent her life in Perth Amboy, New Jersey and was married.  He died early on, and I don't remember ever meeting him.
Wally Lindquist and his sister, Clara.
Looks like my grandfather again with his sister.  I do not recognize the man on the right.  Was he a brother? 
There were names on the back of this photo.  From Left/top:  Maurice Lindquist, and says "Mother" Ina Mae, Elizabeth, Florence, Wesley, and Norman, kneeling in the front.  I am confused by "Ina Mae" because I have been told that Ina's (my great grandmother) middle name is Niomi.  Her mother is listed as Mae.  Possibly "Ida Mae".  I don't know the relation of the other individuals in this photo, circa November 1944.
I believe this is my great grandfather again, Maurice F. Lindquist.  He is standing next to his son, Maurice E. Lindquist, and is holding his grandchild, possibly Linda.  Thanks, Laura Balmer, for the new information!
Maurice Lindquist, a second wife?  The boys are L-R: Peter, David, Eric (my Dad)
My Uncle Peter at 4 1/2 months with Great-Grandmother Anson.  This means this is Ina's mother, Mae, or Ida Mae.  Her maiden name I am uncertain of, but we believe it was Dawson.  Can't find her in any census with anyone yet.
THE COURIER GAZETTE (Camden, Maine)- My Grandfather's Obituary
BANGOR DAILY NEWS (Bangor, Maine)- My Grandfather, Wallace Lindquist's Obituary.

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