Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Saying Good-bye to Uncle Peter...

Above- My husband, Christian, Grandfather, Wally Lindquist, and my mother on Peaks Island, Maine in August of 1989.
This was at Chris and my engagement party put on by my inlaws.

My Father's Oldest Brother, Peter
Brothers: David, Peter, and Eric Lindquist
Peter Anson Lindquist
Born 9 April 1941 in New Jersey, USA
Married: #1 to:  M. Luann Lasson- 19 June 1965, Almeda, California
(Two children from this marriage)
Married: #2 to:  Marilyn Hathaway- 12 Sep. 1992, Washoe, Nevada
Died  23 December 2015 in Bernalillo, New Mexico

My Uncle Peter died today.  He was the oldest of 3 sons to Wally and Ruth Lindquist, my grandparents.  My father is the youngest and now last living member of this family group.  

I will always remember my Uncle Peter fondly.  He was the laid back one in the group. Ready to wrestle me as I was a Tom Boy child. I found Uncle Peter fun and funny.  My last memories of Uncle Peter are at my Grandfather's memorial service. A young adult (early 20s) at the time I read a poem, stating my prophesy that my Poppa Wally was the link that held this family together and that now that he was gone, I feared this chain would fall apart.  I was right. I never saw my Uncles again. (I am now 45).

I remember and loved the tourquoise and silver watch he wore, but also his smile. In the photo above, he looks a lot like his father.

Family Portrait: L-R: David, Eric (on Poppa Wally's lap) Nan Ruth and Peter,
about 1945  Oradell, New Jersey
Nanna Ruth with my Uncle Peter 

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