Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Information Regarding Axel Lindquist/Lindqvist!!

I just posted new information someone sent me in response to a post I made to regarding Axel F (Ferdinand) Lindquist and his wife Elisa.  A woman sent me a bunch of information from a Swedish CD Archive system.  It is a tangled mess of information (mix of English and Swedish, the latter being a language I know little to nothing about), but I am planning on cleaning it up a bit to make it more understandable.  You can see this information (in it's original form) on the Lindquist/Philip page.  I will be posting a new pedigree chart there soon.

I am so excited!

January Update

I have done some updating.  I removed the pedigrees from the top of the  page and put new ones on the page that correlates with that surname/family.  The site I originally used to create the pedigree is no longer available, but I was able to find another, with which I  can put more names on, but with less information.  Not quite as neat looking as the last, but it is serving its purpose and is free.  I have one posted for the Berry/Richards page.  I will create ones for the other 2 pages later on.

I have been getting loads of information and family names from my at home research, and when I get to go to church, there are even more resources for the more difficult ones.  I cannot view the many records that are available on the church's system, so it is always great to get there and find some new things.

Chris, my husband on a late afternoon hike in Orland, Maine.

Our most recent family photo... in the Bangor City Forest.