Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pedigree Work

I just typed out a new Waltz-Creamer pedigree.  Boy do I have a lot of work to do!  I have been neglecting that part of my family tree!  It used to have more information than the Berry-Richards pedigree, but not anymore!  I am lacking some people, and  many places and dates of events.  It is neat to see where both sides of the family overlap.  Yes, they overlap.  I am line-bred like a puppy mill puppy.  Actually, I am line bred more like a well bred purebred.  Nothing TOO close to cause too many problems.  I bet my relatives from the Mayflower had no clue when they married their respective spouses that somewhere, hundreds of years later, their families would meet again, a few more times, to eventually create ME!

Painting of the Mayflower sailing stormy winter waters
William Brewster- My husband's and my common ancestor
Plymouth Rock- after a long journey
William Brewster signing the Mayflower Compact, actually signed while still on the ship.
Oh, and my husband and I are related.  So far we are only related by marriage.  I am related to Isaac Allerton who was married to Mary Norris.  Mary didn't live long after arriving in Plymouth.  She didn't survive the winter.  She had been pregnant on the Mayflower, and gave birth as they arrived.  Unfortunately her child was stillborn.  I'm sure that conditions did not really support a healthy pregnancy on the Mayflower journey.  She must have been weak and sick from pregnancy, birth and the long trip.  Anyway, she lasted a couple months tops.  Isaac remarried a woman named Fear Brewster. My husband is related to Fear.  Fear ended up dying somewhere, perhaps in Machias from my reading, from one of the outbreaks that went around.  No one is really sure where she was buried.  Perhaps another book source has more information on that.  By the way, Isaac was not a model citizen by any means.  He was a scammer and swindler who was eventually kicked out of the Bay Colonies for screwing over too many Pilgrims.  What do they say?  You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family!

John Howland Family Memorial Plot
Reconstructed Howland House- at Rocky Nook

Howland Stone at Rocky Nook
Different areas of those 2 parts of my family tree that overlap are:
Josiah Keen
John Howland and
Elizabeth Tilley
Maybe Josiah Wallis
John Blethen and
Hannah Keen
Robert Sprout and
Elizabeth Samson
John Creamer and
Margaret Seiders
James Richards and
Sarah Foss
Thomas Oldham and
Mercy Sprout
and the whole Wallace, Wallis, and McIntire (and some Blethens) clan from Sagadahoc County, Maine.  And the latter... They can't use original names either!  They have to use family names, intermingle surnames with given names, switch the spelling a little.  They have made my research hell.

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