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I found AMARIL's Parents Today!

Amaril was supposedly born in Small Point (Phippsburg), Maine, in Sagadahoc County (but was part of Lincoln County back then) in June of 1819.  She married Jeremiah McIntire (Jr) who was a Captain, and they had and raised their family in Rockport, Maine (in Knox County).  That is where this cemetery is near Beauchamp Point.  It has been a big job trying to find out what Amaril's maiden name was, and then the biggest challenge was trying to find out who her parents were.  We actually made this trip to the cemetery to find George Demmons and his wife Leonice N. Grant.  Instead we found the mother-load for the Berry clan, and as we were still patting ourselves on the back for that, we walked around the corner and found the Demmons family and several Demmons family members.  This whole family must have just rented out this whole corner of the cemetery for them, because the only 2 stones not in this corner were from the Thomas part of the family, the stones of 2 infant children of John H. Thomas and Mercy H. Grant, my 5x grandparents.  The infants' stones were off the left side of the cemetery. We did not find the Thomas's (John and Mercy's) stones though.
Capt. Jeremiah McIntire & his wife, Amaril are buried in Rockport, Maine (Knox County)

THIS has got to be Amaril's father.  I know Amaril's maiden name was Wallace, but the Wallace family in the Phippsburg area is absolutely HUGE!  There were 2 children named similarly, but they weren't Amaril.  Amaril herself had a daughter named similarly.  (Research has her called Armorie Avesta). The photo of Amaril's mother's stone did not come out too well, but her name is Mary A. Would like to find out what HER maiden name is. 
Quite a large stone!  This stone is a beacon to the whole Berry corner of the cemetery.


So upon closer inspection I see the dated are from the same generation for all three stones.  Though Mary and Lyman are NOT her parents, Mary's maiden name is also Wallace.  It is believed that Mary A. Wallace (1828) is Amaril's sister, and that perhaps their parents are Josiah Wallace and Charlotte Wallace (same for married name).  Lyman's (born 15 Sep. 1822) parents are probably James Wallace and "Austrus" Sinclair.  I may never be able to confirm this connection since I am going by census records and names are often misspelled.  Look at poor Amaril... every census I found her on her name was spelled in a different variation, but it was obviously her based on the husband, location, birth dates and children listed.

I can look at discovering Lyman and Mary's stones as one step closer to finding Amaril's parents.

Update- Mary Wallace married Lyman Wallace, and Mary's maiden name is Wallace.  Mary is Amaril's sister!  THAT has helped me locate and identify Amaril's parents, in spite of all the misspellings of names in all the censuses.  Lyman's name isn't correct in any of them either!  So, it is official.  Without further ado, here are Amaril's parents!

Josiah Wallace (son of John Wallace and Hannah McIntire)
b. 17 December 1797
Small Point, Maine (Phippsburg/Georgetown)

d. 2 October 1879
Phippsburg, Maine (Georgetown)

Married 17 July 1817 in Phippsburg, Maine to:

Charlotte Wallace (daughter of William Wallace and Rhoda Blethen)
b. 26 April 1798
Georgetown, Maine

d.2 July 1898
probably in Georgetown/West Point, Maine

Yes, Josiah and Charlotte ARE related.  I think they are cousins.  No, Lyman and Mary are NOT (that I can find) related.

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