Thursday, August 22, 2013

August 11, 2013- In My Family

On August 11, 1947 my mother was born in Camden, Maine to Ralph & Louise Berry of Camden.  They married in January of 1947... and no, my mother was not premature!  She was the first of 3 children.

For my Mother's birthday, my sisters, their families, and me and mine gathered at her home she shares with her husband David Henderson (my youngest sister is his daughter) on Megunticook River in Camden, Maine.  Fortunately it was a beautiful day and we ate Lobster rolls on a table outside on the lawn.  My dog got to play with my niece Fiona, down on the dock.  Rosie (the dog) dove after the ball Fiona threw over and over for her, would retrieve and bring it faithfully back to shore to be thrown again.  Nola, my youngest niece seems timid of Rosie this visit.  At Christmas, she was right there playing with her as we came into the door.  Not this trip!  I wish I could see them more.

The Girls- Back- Me, Erin, Nola, Kristen; Bottom- Rosie, Vicki and Fiona
The Party Table

Fiona on the swing
Fiona throwing a ball for Rosie to dive and retrieve.

Nola, getting so big at 4!
Nola and  "Bubby" shucking corn.

This loon made an appearance as well.  He came close so I could take some good pix.  I have a dog that totally doesn't notice wildlife, so she was still diving in while this loon swam around for a while, hunting for some supper.

In Arizona earlier that day, my Uncle David (Lindquist), my father's brother (the middle son), died after a long struggle with an illness similar to ALS.  All though this death was expected, my Father took it hard, which he didn't expect.

David Wallace Lindquist
b.  20 November 1942
Teaneck, New Jersey, USA
d.  11 August 2013
Arizona, USA
My Uncle David, sitting on  the far left with my Grandfather, Wallace
Anson Lindquist, and my Father, Eric, on his lap.
Uncle David was predeceased by his son and oldest child, Edward Lee Lindquist, who died 1 March 2013 in Wysox, PA when he was hit by a truck while riding on his Harley (he hadn't even had it a month).  He (Uncle David) is survived by his younger child, Elizabeth Lindquist, a wife, Joyce, an ex-wife, Sue Merritt, my father and his youngest brother, another brother (the oldest) Peter Anson Lindquist of New Mexico, 7 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter (all by cousin Ed).

Uncle David was smart, athletic, and I remember how well his dogs were trained.  I remember thinking I want my dogs to be that well-trained.  Too bad he never met Rosie.  She is way smarter than those dogs!

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