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Norrie/Park-- Old Family Photos Found

My father moved to Maine reccently (last year).  This past spring he made a trip back down to Deleware to where he used to live to pick up a bunch of his belongings, including a whole bunch of old furniture.  My Great Uncle Ellsworth Philip passed away a few years back and my Dad got a lot of his old furniture including a huge roll top desk.  Recently, while going through the drawers still full of things Uncle Ellsworth kept inside them, Dad found a bunch of old family photos.  They are beautifully kept, and Dad has sent scans of all of them.  I was able to help him identify some of the people he didn't know, and though we still have questions on a few of them, it was a joy to go through them.
Dad's new house in Downeast Maine

My ancestors, The Norrie Family of Aberdeen, Scotland UK--- The mother is Christian (Park) Norrie, Father Alexander Norrie, Daughters: Elizabeth (my great grandmother) and Mary, sons: I think George, John and James.

Alexander Norrie, Was a Wool Spinner who was born- 8 April 1852 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK; died- 1936 in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

Christian Park who was born- 1845 in Old Deer, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK and died in 1930.

After Alexander Norrie died, Christian Park remarried to:  James Philip, who died in 1868.

Alexander's Parents were:                                                                        
William Norrie
b. 1824  in Aberdeenshire, Scotland
d.  19 Dec.1912 in Scotland

One of my Australian relatives says she does not think this is the Norrie family of Scotland because he is in over-alls and they did not have those in Scotland at that time.  So my question is:  Who is this family?  Is it the Anson family on my grandfather's side that had been in the United States for years before everyone else on my father's side of the family?  Who is the child?  The Mother?  So this photo remains unidentified.

married- 1852 in Skene to:
Elizabeth McKenzie
b. 1830 in Skene, Scotland, UK
d.1900 in Echt, Scotland, UK

Christian Park's Parents were:
George Park  (We see George again in another part of this tree)
b.  1810 in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK
d.  1878 in Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK
Married in 1830 to:
Ann Bannerman
b.  Abt. 1808 in Scotland, UK
d.  1848 in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK

I will have to put captions later.  Google seems to be deleting instead of creating captions right now.

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