Thursday, April 10, 2014

Beautiful Mount Hope Cemetery in Bangor Maine

Mt. Hope Cemetery- 
Between State Street and Mt. Hope Avenue
on the east side of Bangor is a pretty place to go for a walk, research genealogy or take nice photos of the landscape.  This cemetery was created to be a cemetery that had park-like qualities, and indeed it is!  I will add more photos as I am able.

The Korean War Memorial

Memorial Fort-

A Squirrel roosting on some stones from women who resided in a Womens' Home in Bangor-

Part of Mt. Hope's beautiful landscape includes a pond that is full of turtles and frogs in the late Spring and Summer-

Some stones are ornately decorated while others are simple-

A View from the Soldiers and Sailors plot overlooking Mt. Hope Avenue-

Graveyards hold so much history-

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